About Patio Masters - Fabricators


PatioMaster are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of patio sliding doors. We have a nationwide network consisting of almost a dozen dedicated manufacturing centres, supplying consumers, fabricators and installers with high quality inline sliding doors that are made to measure.

Our dynamic range features a large degree of customisation options, while fast delivery times (often within five working days) make us the patio door fabricator of choice for many.

PVCU patio sliding doors

Patio Sliding Doors - PatioMasterAll our patio doors are manufactured from UPVC and 28mmm double glazed panes, using top quality Profile 22 materials. Featuring advanced security features such as a six point locking system and ‘anti-jacking’ design, our inline sliding doors are as safe as they are attractive. They also offer exceptional levels of thermal efficiency, thanks to built-in seals and a three chamber sash.

To give you the best opportunity to match your patio door offer to your customers’ window offering we provide the option of a chamfered or sculptured sash.

Designing and building patio doors to order is all we do. As a specialist patio door fabricator our sole aim is to provide trade and retail customers with top quality products, quickly and with high levels of support.

Exceptional quality, fast turnaround

About PatioMasterAs a fabricator you no doubt have a large range of products you offer your customers and may have considered moving into the inline sliding doors market. But to do so would of course involve additional overheads, specialist training and equipment, and the disruption of shifting your production from conventional doors to a highly specialised product for occasional orders. We have the solution.

By purchasing your inline sliding doors from PatioMaster you can offer your customers a full product range but avoid the extra costs of manufacturing your own patio doors. Because we have a rapid turnaround time you can also save time and money on storing your own stock.

For more information please contact us direct, or browse our website to learn more about our range of patio sliding doors.