When thinking about upgrading their home with inline patio doors, most customers consider the security that they offer first and foremost. As a fabricator you undoubtedly want to stock products that can deliver this sense of security, without compromising on style and appearance.

PatioMaster are one of the UK’s premier patio door fabricators, and security is just as important to us as it is to your customers. All our enhanced security patio doors are manufactured from high quality UPVC, reinforced with steel for added protection. The glass panes meanwhile are double glazed and 28mm thick, providing a high level of thermal efficiency as well as increased security.

Unparalleled security

Patio Door Security - PatioMasterThe locking system used in all our inline patio doors consists of a six point lock with extra reinforcement to prevent it from being forced by intruders. A built in ‘anti-jacking’ system prevents the door from being lifted out from the outside, while internal sliding panels provide even greater resistance to attack.

All these features combine to make one of the most advanced security patio doors on the market today. But what we have added in terms of security has in no way required a sacrifice of aesthetic attractiveness. Our inline patio doors feature a slim-stepped 86mm outer frame, specially designed to reduce the amount of plaster cutback needed, and fit well into any setup.

Stylishly secure

A choice of 19 different colours and finishes including Irish Oak, mahogany and a range of pastel colours, give us a uniquely dynamic product range which we’re sure that your customers will love. Long lasting and easy to maintain, our inline patio doors provide a long term security solution, from the UK’s most respected patio door fabricators.

For more information on our custom built doors please download our brochure, or browse our website for further details.