Energy efficient patio doors

Energy Efficient Patio Doors

When installing new doors of any kind, homeowners should consider the effects that the new door will have on the insulation of their house. Thermal efficiency should be a top priority, not just because of the money it can save on heating bills but also the positive environmental role it plays in reducing household carbon emissions from heating appliances.

Patio doors are great for letting in the light and creating a warming ambience within your house or conservatory, but without proper insulation they can also let in draughts and allow heat to escape.

Choose energy efficient patio doors

Energy Efficiency - PatioMasterAt PatioMaster we specialise in energy efficient patio doors. Our patio doors are made from PVC-U, a material with inherent thermal insulation properties. Available in a stunning range of 19 different colours and finishes, PVC-U door frames are ideal for keeping your house warm and your energy bills low.

This commitment to producing products with high levels of thermal efficiency is further visible in the double glazing we use as standard in all our glass panes. At 28mm thick, these window panes are designed to ensure that they keep your home, conservatory or pool house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Built-in seals also help to maximise thermal efficiency and minimise heat loss through the patio doors.

Kind to the environment

In addition to these insulating properties, our energy efficient patio doors are also environmentally friendly for other reasons. The PVC-U from which they are made can be recycled up to ten times, ensuring that if you should one day choose to get rid of your patio doors they will not go to waste.

To learn more about our built-to-measure patio doors, their security features and design options, please continue to browse our website or download our brochure for further details.