Patio Doors & Conservatory Doors

Choosing the right doors for your home or conservatory should be a careful and deliberate process. As well as choosing a design that it is visually attractive there are number of important considerations that should be considered. The security that they offer is a paramount concern to many people, as is thermal efficiency and ease of use.

Patio doors need to provide smooth and easy access in both directions, yet they also need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and strong enough to prevent unwanted access. Finding a door that combines all these elements in a good looking design can at times seem like an impossible task.

The Complete Solution

At PatioMaster we have taken on this challenge and feel that we have created a product which we can be proud of, and that our customers will appreciate for its stylish comprehensiveness.

We are the UK’s top manufacturer of UPVC patio doors, with manufacturing centres located throughout the country. We design and build our doors to our customer’s specifications, and offer a remarkable array of design choices.

Whether you’re looking for doors for your conservatory, to function as a room partition or anything else, we’ve got something for you. At the heart of all our patio door profiles is a steel-reinforced UPVC frame, completed by strong 28mm thick double glazed panes. This provides an unparalleled level of thermal efficiency, while a six point locking system and ‘anti-jacking’ feature provide the utmost security.

A Dynamic Range

We have recently expanded our range of colours and finishes dramatically to encompass 19 different colour shades and styles, including pastel colours and high quality wood finishes. Our UPVC doors feature a slim-lined 86mm frame, low line gaskets and concealed fixings for a great looking design, combined with an easy-glide system for smoothness and ease of operation.

For more information on our dynamic range of custom built inline sliding doors please download our online brochure or browse our website further. Alternatively you can use our online contact form to make a specific enquiry.