Patio Door Security

When choosing patio doors for your home there are many things to consider – how they look, what materials they’re made from and how well they tolerate changes in temperature. But perhaps the first and foremost consideration should always be the level of security they can offer you and your family.

Sometimes patio doors are perceived as not being as safe as more traditional types of doors, and this may certainly be the case with some cheaper poorly designed models. But at PatioMaster the level of security offered by our patio doors is as important in our design and engineering process as it is to you.

The principles of patio door security

The key to patio door security is in ensuring that the construction of the patio door is sturdy and solid whilst maintaining good functionality and aesthetics, combined with a reliable locking system. That’s why we install a six point locking system in all our custom built patio doors, and further reinforce this to prevent intruders from forcing their way in.

We make all our door frames from steel-reinforced PVC-U, designed to be highly attractive yet also strong and robust. The glass panes are double-glazed to a thickness of 28mm, further enhancing your patio door security and acting as a deterrent to would-be intruders. Interior sliding panels provide even greater protection.

Inbuilt ‘anti-jacking’ system

When buying patio doors it’s also important to ensure that there is a system in place to prevent the door panels from being lifted out from the outside. All of our doors contain an inbuilt ‘anti-jacking’ system which fix the door securely in place and prevent home intruders from using this method to gain entrance.

In terms of patio door security we have left nothing to chance, resulting in a range of doors as secure as they are attractive. To view our customisable selection of patio doors, please continue to browse our website or download our brochure.