PatioMaster Secure

Run by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Secured by Design scheme aims to design out opportunities for crime. A PatioMaster Secure in-line sliding door achieves this high accredited status and has the following extra security features built in.

Interlock bolts

These lock the sliding panel to the fixed one and ensure that the two cannot be forced apart.

Interlocking Bolts

Security head rail

A full width rail runs across the top of the opening panel to prevent it being lifted from the track.

Security Hail Rail

Security keep rail

Full height keep rail that supports the sliding door at each corner.

PAS24 handle

Designed to withstand sustained manual attack, highly secure with an enhanced back-plate.

PAS24 Handle

Anti-bump cylinder

Designed to prevent the lock cylinder being bumped.

Anti-bump cylinder

The PatioMaster Secure dealers are:

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