Why Install PatioMaster?

These days, consumers and installers have an unparalleled level of choice when it comes to adding home improvements to a property. But with this greater degree of choice comes wide variations in the quality of product. Many companies, keen to boost their profits, seek to manufacture every single type of home improvement product imaginable, resulting in sub-standard quality.

At PatioMaster we only make UPVC patio sliding doors, and nothing else. We are specialist patio door fabricators with a network of regional manufacturing plants located throughout the UK. Because we only make patio doors we have the time, resources and experience to make constant improvements in our dynamic product range. Furthermore, we are able to tailor our designs to any specifications you or your customers require.

Inline sliding doors

Patio Doors - PatioMasterOur inline sliding doors feature a slimline profile designed to fit more naturally into a room, and to minimise the amount of plaster disruption which takes place when installing. We’ve combined an outer frame made of thermally efficient UPVC with 28mm thick double glazing to provide truly exceptional security and home insulation. A six point locking system and ‘anti-jacking’ feature will further ensure that your customers can rest easy in the knowledge that their patio doors offer the highest security standards.

In order to allow our customers to achieve a closer match with the increasingly popular sculptured window systems we are pleased to also offer a shaped sash option on our in-line sliding doors. With the same technical capabilities as our standard chamfered sash profile the sculptured sash has a subtle curved shape which makes it ideal as a match for all the leading UK sculptured profile systems.

A winning formula

Available in 19 different colours and finishes, our UPVC patio sliding doors offer a perfect blend of style and function. As an installer you’ll have free access to our national technical support helplines, as well as personalised service from your nearest manufacturing team. As simple to sell to your customers as they are to install, we’ll also provide you with free marketing materials to aid your sales.

Put simply, PatioMaster are trusted specialist patio door fabricators and we offer high quality inline sliding doors. To find out more contact us, or browse our website for further details.